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At 8:30pm we switch to milk.

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After an embarassing fiasco with ebay, I've taken over my husband's efforts to try and find ANY POSSIBLE WAY to get a peek into the Rolling Stones membership benefits.

If there is anyone that could make this man's dreams come true ('Can I Get A Witness?') his multiple 'Stones tattoo's would jump off and lick the sceen in joy...

please email a responce to

p.s. he just sat me down to watch the bootleg of 'Cock Sucker Blues' not too long ago.. He said he'd be one of those girls if he was that desperate for a ticket..... *he sceams in background* WHAT DID YOU SAY?

....joking... but any help would mean the world.

p.p.s. My Husband (Olympia's Mick Jagger) just woke up and caught me, he says, '"The One remains the many have changed and passed, earth's shadows fly. Life, like a dome of many colored glass, stains the white radiance of eternity until death tramples it to fragments." That's for Brian Jones. This is Glen typing (not very well, mind you) okay... o do i love my sstones and my man mick, pleasse help a very avid? stones friend to achieve his loyalty to the boys who helped his lanky, big lipped, androngenous, but always loyal, ass. to get to the show. in seattle. with my lady, shes more than worth it . she is defenitly my sweet lady jane....... love glen dale hunter.....
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